Friday, April 04, 2008

La prensa libre se toma las calles

Si el gobierno pensó que podría amenazar a la prensa para silenciarla pues se equivocó, aunque con alguna reticencia en principio, la prensa ecuatoriana hace su trabajo, pese a que esto es visto desde el poder como antipatriótico y hasta como corrupción. El gobierno de Rafael Correa pretende que confundamos gobierno con patria, ejecutivo con nación y Estado con pueblo, qué equivocado está. Sacarle los trapos sucios al gobierno de hecho es contribuir a la fiscalización popular de su gestión (pésima por cierto), poner en evidencia la cochinada de los nexos de Correa con grupos terroristas es una reafirmación del derecho a la libre expresión y habla bien de quienes se atreven a enfrentar al poder.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!

Microwaves, and computers and cellphones! Oh my!

It seems that's all we've been talking about the past few weeks. raul castro, that magnanimous reformer and purveyor of the softer side of tyranny, has instigated the "changes" we've all been hearing about, ad nauseum, since his older colostomized brother handed over the reigns. "Ordinary" Cubans will now be "allowed" to purchase the aforementioned items and - get this! - also now be allowed to stay in tourist hotels in their own country!

The MSM is practically going apeshit over these gifts from Cuba's military Santa Claus. Supporters of the regime are dancing a jig because they can point to these and say "Look at all the new freedoms Cubans have! It's time to end the embargo! We must change US Cuba policy!"

Now, Im no economist or intellectual or politician, but I know a bear shitting in the woods when I see one.

Call it a calculated chess game, call it a poker bluff. These "changes" arent about making life better and easier for Cubans. These changes are strictly and soley about "aint nuthin' going on but the rent."

If a cellphone in Cuba costs $260 and your average Cuban makes about $20 a month, how's the ordinary Jose going to pay for said cellphone, much less the monthly service? How is the average Jose going to pay for a $140 a night hotel room? Or a $300 microwave?

The castro regime has gone "all in" thinking they might just be holding a political straight flush. Theyre banking on the November outcome and those "changes to Cuba policy" that will surely happen once the evil Republicans are out of the White House.

It's obvious to me that the regime is strapped for cash and that its only savior is the American greenback that comes with the American tourist. Or, even, that monthly stipend from Hialeah or Little Havana, curtailed by this administration's restrictions.

"Pepe. Ahi te mande 300 cocos pa' que te compres un microway."

"Caserita, te envie 300 cocos pa' que te quedes en el Nacional de luna de miel."

It's all about the cash. The cash needed to operate the machinery the poker players need to stay in the game.