Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Las FARC habrían buscado crear una "bomba sucia" radiactiva

Noticia publicada en El Mundo (España): Colombia denuncia que las FARC buscaban material radiactivo para una 'bomba sucia'

Las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) estaban intentando conseguir material radiactivo para fabricar una "bomba sucia", ha afirmado el vicepresidente colombiano, Francisco Santos.
Según ha explicado Santos en la Conferencia de Desarme de Naciones Unidas, que se celebra en Ginebra, la información hallada en dos ordenadores incautados el pasado fin de semana y que pertenecían al guerrillero Raúl Reyes, 'número dos' de las FARC, indica una posible "negociación de material radioactivo, base primaria para generar armas sucias de destrucción y terrorismo".

Agencia RIA Novosti (Rusia): Guerrilla colombiana intentó fabricar una "bomba sucia"

Moscú, 4 de marzo, RIA Novosti. Guerrilleros de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) han intentado conseguir material radiactivo para fabricar una "bomba sucia", anunció hoy el vicepresidente colombiano Francisco Santos Calderón en Ginebra donde asiste a la Conferencia de la ONU sobre Desarme.

Agencia Reuters: Colombia dice FARC querían fabricar bomba radiactiva

Las acusaciones fueron hechas por el vicepresidente del país andino, Francisco Santos, ante la Conferencia de Desarme de Naciones Unidas, y marcaron un giro dramático en la crisis regional en la que Venezuela y Ecuador suspendieron sus vínculos diplomáticos con Colombia.
Bogotá acusó al presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, de financiar las guerrillas de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionadas de Colombia (FARC), luego de que fuerzas militares colombianas cruzaron a Ecuador el sábado y mataron a un importante comandante rebelde conocido como Raúl Reyes, desatando movimientos de tropas y advertencias de guerra.
"Apenas ayer (lunes) nuestra Policía Nacional entregó un informe inicial concerniente al contenido de dos computadoras de Raúl Reyes, segundo en el mando de las FARC, quien fue asesinado el sábado," refirió Santos.
Las computadoras contienen "información enviada de un comandante a otro que indica que las FARC estaban aparentemente negociando por material radioactivo, la base principal para generar armas sucias de destrucción masiva y terrorismo," agregó.
La información inicial, verificada con apoyo internacional, mostró que "grupos terroristas, basados en el poder económico del tráfico de drogas, constituyen una seria amenaza no sólo a nuestro país, sino a toda la región andina y latinoamericana," resaltó.

Agencia France Press: Colombia acusa a las FARC de querer fabricar "armas sucias"

El director de la policía colombiana, el general Óscar Naranjo, afirmó el lunes en Bogotá que, según datos extraídos del ordenador de Raúl Reyes, la guerrilla había adquirido 50 kilos de uranio. Para el general Naranjo, esto demuestra que la organización aspira al "terrorismo internacional".
Las denominadas "bombas sucias" son artefactos explosivos cargados con material radiactivo que se dispersa con el estallido.
Calderón explicó además que "de acuerdo con los organismos de inteligencia e investigación del Estado, el 80% de las armas que entran ilegalmente a Colombia se destinan a los grupos armados ilegales y el 20% restante a la delicuencia común".
El vicepresidente colombiano reclamó "la plena aplicación" de la Convención de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) contra la fabricación y el tráfico ilegal de armas, municiones y explosivos, así como de la Resolución 1540 de 2004 del Consejo de Seguridad de
la ONU sobre la no proliferación de armas de destrucción masiva.


Ricardo Buitrago Consuegra said...

Gracias por el comentario en el blog. Seguramente con unas debidas excusas de parte de Colombia, el problema de la invasión del territorio ecuatoriano en busca de los terroristas, debiera haberse solucionado entre países y pueblos hermanos. La influencia terrorista de las FARC es el enemigo común que hay que vencer. Saludos

Anonymous said...

Lee chico: http://tinyurl.com/2faczu

Correa of Ecuador started well on Saturday but since then Ecuador has become rather incoherent. It all seems to have started when the computers of the FARC were found by the Colombian army at the wreckage scene. One of the first revelations was that the Ecuador foreign minister was "in touch" with the FARC. He promptly admitted it but we had to wait today for details. I saw his speech, and I saw that he was a rather lousy speaker, not something to be expected from a foreign minister . Then again that he was caught in fraganti did not help, for sure. But what was worse is that he had the nerve to claim he was negotiating the release of 12, TWELVE, hostages, including Ingrid Betancourt. Yeah, right... The FARC were going to give to Ecuador twice as many hostages than they gave to Chavez including their top possession. Who does he think he is kidding with such a preposterous assumption? Gee, Ecuador government is even more naive than what I thought! Or more stupid. Your pick.

Correa gave an interview to CNN's Patricia Janiot where he tried to dodge the bullet. One of his claim was that the border of Ecuador cost 100 million a year to keep up and Colombia does not do anything on its side. Maybe, but that still does not explain why the FARC found easy refuge on that side of the border. The issue will not let go: Ecuador is perfectly right to protest against Colombia the violation of its own space but Colombia has also the right to point out the shitty job that Ecuador does of guarding its border. As long as Correa does not deal with that, he can break all the relations he wants with Colombia, he will be less than convincing. I can see from this that Correa is nothing more than a cheap politician with some charisma and lots of ambition who will not balk at anything to keep his hold on power even if Ecuador will be more hurt by a disruption of commerce with Colombia than Colombia would. At least that is what I heard from experts who say that for example 15% of electricity of Ecuador comes from Colombia.

In Caracas things were hardly better. Apparently Chavez has been silent today, probably realizing that he shot enough his foot and that others should come to the forefront to fix things up some. Unfortunately once upon a time he had an operator like Jose Vicente Rangel who could not fix much inside Venezuela but who at least could present some more credible image to the foreign observers. Now Chavez has only Maduro and Rodriguez Chacin, a failed bus driver now foreign minister and a thug now Interior and security minister.

Maduro went to the National Assembly. He made a cheap chauvinistic act, criticized the Venezuelan opposition for not rallying the way the Colombian one was doing around Uribe (I kid you not), spoke of all sorts of things that seemed like coming from Cliff notes from the Cuban staff in Venezuela (they were that dated), and climaxed announcing that Venezuela had asked all the Colombian embassy staff to leave the country. Not a complete break up but same difference.

Rodriguez Chacin presentation was even worse. Not only the man looks even more of an ignorant thug than ever, but he freely qualified the Colombia government of fascist. I mean, even if it is true you do not do that. How can he pick up the pieces later? Is Uribe calling Chavez in public a commie? Well, I suppose not since Chavez acts much more like a fascist than Uribe...

But the highlight was when Rodriguez Chacin pulled out a computer from a manila envelope (I kid you not) and said it was the one from 'Jabon', the infamous narco killed a few weeks ago in Merida. He said that in this computer he got as many convenient proofs against Colombian officials than what they were saying they found in the Reyes lap top. To a stunned audience he told that he did not reveal anything before, because of his "ethics", leaving the audience even more stunned. I mean, what ethics are we discussing here, those between two narco groups supporting each other and having rules of engagement, or the ethics that a chief security officer should have about the Venezuelan populace? Because if Rodriguez did really had such evidence for quite a while, it was his duty to warn Uribe of his staff dealing in drug trafficking. Unless Rodriguez was collabrating with the US or something in order to expose a major drug cartel. Of such a possibility he said nothing, just "ethics", even when a Colombian reporter asked him again why he did not reveal such crucial information. Yeah, right, the ethics of the mafia mob.....

Colombia calmly said that they would not be mobilizing anything to any border and that instead they will go tot he OAS (OEA) to protest the protection given to the FARC by Venezuela and Ecuador and the implication for the OAS raison d'être that is. In other words, Uribe is going to call the bluff of Venezuela at the OAS and might be the one wrecking the now totally useless body. I bet you that Insulza must be having cold sweats at the prospect of seeing himself ridiculed just when preparing to launch his candidature to Chile presidency. Oh well, too bad for the most insignificant and enabler chief in recent OAS memory.

France confesses before it is caught

Perhaps the amusing detail of today was the admission by Kouchner that France was in direct contact with Reyes. Probably they preferred to mention it before the Colombians had the time to announce to the world that France was doing behind the back dealing with the enemies of the Colombian state. I suspect that foreign minister Kouchner will not be received any time soon in Bogota as the French now have also lost any credibility in the whole business, Ingrid being now reason enough for them to flout any convention, at the risk to destabilize gravely whole countries. France has been so reckless, so inconsiderate of the problem that it is simply astounding! Heck! Kouchner with total lack of diplomacy said that Ingrid should be released first.

Anonymous said...



The kind of war we're going to have...

As we all take to hyperventilating about the looming war with Colombia, it's worth pausing to ponder the kind of war footing the country is really on.

Two days ago, President Chávez ordered 10 mechanized batallions to the border in preparation for who-knows-what...but the mobilizations from Caracas ended up getting delayed yesterday because taxi drivers in La Victoria blocked the strategically critical Central Regional Highway for seven hours as they protested the crime wave that grips their town.

stultaviro said...

Sólo aquellos que han tendido lazos oscuros con las FARC pueden rehusarse a reconocer la amenaza que la organización terrorista representa para el continente.

Un abrazo desde Colombia.

PD: Me he tomado el atrevimiento de linkearlo desde mi blog.