Thursday, November 22, 2007

El perro libertario

Dícese que el perro de marras ha sido visto mordiendo a cobradores de impuestos, orinándose en carteles de Alianza PAÍS y dejando "regalitos" en los pisos de los ministerios.


Anonymous said...

A PC nativity play (almost)
There was a star burning brightly over the cottage as the three monarchs approached. Contrary to myth, they were a Sikh man, a agnostic woman, and a transexual. The latter was in a wheelchair. And black. They were not particularly wise, but of average intelligence - apart from the woman, who was dyslexic. She'd been made a monarch as part of an affirmative action vote.

They approached the cottage and knocked on the door, which was answered by Joseph - a Jew. Mary, his wife, was a Muslim and they were living together in perfect harmony and religious tolerance. Their child, Jeremy, had just been born and was hailed as a generic deific being relevant to all faiths (and to atheists).

"We have brought gifts," said the Sikh monarch. "I have brought a vegan ready meal without wheat or nuts. It's kosher, halal and blessed."

"I have brought a non-violent inspirational toy made of recycled hessian and not treated with any toxic chemicals. It was made by a worker's collective in Benin," said the dyslexic one.

"I have brought a DVD for the child," said the wheelcair-bound black transexual mionarch. "It is a message of hope certified by all religions and philosophies as non-offensive and without any distress. It has a soundtrack by Richard Clayderman."

At that moment, the infant emerged from his crib and stared with amazement at the tat the monarchs had brought him. And, mere babe that he was, he was not impressed. "Fuck that hippy shit!" he said.

He dashed them all to the ground, cracked open a bottle of Newcastle Brown on the edge of the crib, lit up an unfiltered Marlboro and extracted a tatty copy of Club International as the others went into apoplexies of outrage.

Anonymous said...

Puta mierda en qué mundo vivimos!?

Black Holes Renamed 'Super High Gravity Locations'
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - The International Space Nomenclature Council today adopted the term 'emplacements de hauts gravité super' - or 'super high gravity locations' - as the official replacement name for black holes. Originally named in reference to the fact that light cannot escape their intense gravity, the term 'black hole' was increasingly criticized as being insensitive to African-Americans and African-Europeans.

"We're glad the council finally took action on this issue." said Isaiah Herman, Chairman of the National African-American Coalition of People. "The unimaginable destructive power of these super high gravity locations was giving the word 'black' a negative connotation throughout the universe."

Anonymous said...

ese perro libertario es como los modoggies

que un man dibujó para fastidiar a los musulmanes y a los izquierdistas políticamente correctos.

Danny Ayala Hinojosa said...

El perro es ateo pero le ha dado el gusto por morder alfombras persas y orinarse sobre camisetas del Ché (que algunos izquierdistas apesten es otra historia)